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Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

Welcome to the most tactical concept of this revolutionary era that plays the vital role in the lives of people nowadays. The mobile phone has become an important part of everyone's life. Now it is difficult to find someone who doesn't have a mobile phone. In the last 5 years, it gained huge importance among people in the worldwide. No one can survive without the cell phone and its accessories such as earphones, power banks, charger & cables, memory cards, flash drives etc. Each accessory has its own importance and functionalities.

According to the research, the buyers of best mobile accessoriesat wholesale rate are increasing day-by-day and it is estimated that the market would also keep growing and is predicted to reach $107.3 billion by means of 2022. The primary factor behind buying cell phone accessories is the security and safety from unknown devices. By best mobile accessories, you can use your mobile phone as a multipurpose device. All accessories have their own functions and people rely on them strongly. Some accessories are manufactured for the security of people, some are designed for the safety of devices and some just for good looks. You can also buy these best mobile phone accessories in Pakistan online by just placing your order on the company's official site.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Many companies such as Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Panasonic, Vivo, and Philips are launched for the purpose of designing the best smartphone accessories and all are releasing new and technical products to captivate the attraction of customers. The most popular accessories are:

Travel USB Charger – Travel USB charger is specially designed to protect the customers from facing any trouble during travel. Charging your cell phone is a great challenge if your mobile battery is running out while traveling. This device can help multiple people to charge their cell phone simultaneously.

Power Bank – It has become the most necessary part of a mobile phone nowadays. Power bank allows the customers to store the electrical energy and then use it to charge the mobile device when needed. It also helps to increase the battery life of mobile for a long period of time. Many other devices can also be charged using power bank such as Cameras, Portable speakers, smartphones, tablets etc. It is also known as battery banks or power stations.

Types of Power Bank

Many types of power bank are included in the accessories. These are:

  • Universal Power Bank - Different sizes of the universal power banks are introduced in the market. It tailed your device according to the requirement.
  • Solar-charged Power Bank – It is charged by the solar light. It is not as fast as a universal power bank.
  • Older-style power bank – This type of power bank has not the wide capability of storing electricity and it may not compatible with all devices.

Chargers and Cables – Charging the cell phone is necessary for every type of mobile. Different companies have introduced different types of chargers and cables according to their mobile brands. Chargers and cables are the sources to providing the energy to smartphones in watts. They deliver the electricity to cell phones frequently buy efficiently. Different types of chargers and cables are:

  • Quick Chargers
  • Wireless Chargers
  • Wall Chargers
  • USB Cables
  • USB Chargers
  • Charging Docks
  • Charger Adapters

Each charger or cable has its own function or capacity to deliver the energy to smartphones.

Memory Card – Memory card is also included in mobile accessories. The memory card is a storage device that is used to store data and files permanently. When your mobile storage has no capacity to store more data, users can place data and files in memory card. It has gained popularity among people. Everyone wants to have a memory card in their cell phone. Memory cards are of different types and available according to the storage as the user required such as 8GB, 16GB etc. The price of each memory card is also different. As you need more space, the price will be high. The types of storage cards are:

  • SD (Secure Digital) Card
  • CF (Compact Flash) Card
  • Multimedia Card

Data Cable – This accessory helps the mobile phone users to easily transfer the data and files between cell phone to PC. Everyone wants an easy data transfer facility without any waste of time. These are designed to save the time and transfer the data within no time.

USB Flash Drives – It is a small device that has no moving parts and used to store data in a flash memory. USB flash drives are also known as pen drives, jump drives, and thumb drives. You can store data in it by just inserting the drive to your computer USB port. When you insert it, you will see the alert message on your screen that device is connected to your PC. Then you can easily transfer data in your flash memory. These drives are available in different sizes from 8GB to 64GB. The more the size of your flash drive, the more the speed will increase. The USB 3.0 flash drive has the largest size having the capacity of 2TB from Kingston.

Mobile Phone Case and Pouch – Cases and pouch is the important accessory including in cell phone accessories because it protects your mobiles or smartphones from scratches. So, you need to buy a mobile pouch or case to protect your mobile body from the damage of accidentally dropped. It is designed by different makers and is available in different sizes according to the mobile brand and version.

Glass Protector – Glass protector is better than a plastic protector. It is not necessary for mobile but it plays the vital role in the safety of a cell phone. It also protects your mobile from scratches and physical damage.

Bluetooth – It is a device that eradicate the problem of using physical cables. It establishes the wireless connection between devices to share data, images, and files etc.

Antenna Boosters – Antenna Boosters are used to boosts the signal speed and can prove helpful during traveling to mountains or hills.

Hands-free Car Kit – This mobile phone accessory Pakistan enables the users to talk to anyone on his phone while keeping his hands on car's steering. You just need to take notice of sound quality, design, and appearance while buying a hands-free car kit.

Handsets – Handset is included in the modern accessory of mobile phones. It provides the facility to customers to place the handset in their ears and receive the audio voice from its embedded transmitter. Now it is may be used to refer to any part of a wired or Wi-Fi cellphone that can be held by means of the hand and can confer with the actual telephone itself within the case of cellular telephones.

Headphones – This is the most important accessory in today's mobile phones. Some new wireless headphones are also launched in the market such as AKG N700NC wireless headphones, AKG Y500 Wireless headphones, AKG N200 wireless earphones etc. All are the latest technology accessories that are well-known in the worldwide.

Bluetooth Speakers – Bluetooth Speakers are the modern cell phone accessory that is widely used to listen to music in a good and clear voice. Some mobiles are small and their speaker also depends on the size of the mobile. So, users have to face the difficulty while listening to any music as it seems tinny. It reduces the background nuisance and enables the users to use their mobile phone while driving. A popular Bluetooth Speakerphone gives 20 hours of stretch communicate time and 480 hours of standby. Through Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy the music with booming sound.

Cell Phone Belt Clip – It is one of the best mobile phone accessories that ensure the users to save their mobile phones while driving. The clip belt keeps their mobile phones at the waist when users drive. It keeps your mobile safe from drop off.

Selfie Sticks – Selfie sticks have become the trend of the daily lives. It is used to take photos by placing mobile phones in stick beyond the specified range of the arm. People want to capture snaps with a minor distance and that is impossible without Selfie sticks.

VR Glasses – VR abbreviated as Virtual Reality. It is also known as goggles. This accessory is usually used in gaming. They are easy and light to wear and safe for eyes to protect your Lenz from reflection. They behave like 3D goggles and its display quality is outstanding. Some new technical goggles are also introduced in cell phone accessories that have head tracking features and it works amazingly.

Final Verdicts

All mobile phone accessories are available online at best wholesale price in Pakistan. You can buy it through mobile accessories shopping online from the company's official sites. The price of each accessory depends on the quality of the product and the companies also provides the accessories with 100% return back warranty if any problem occurs. Other many accessories are available in the market to facilitate the users but make sure you are buying a genuine product. Many cell phone accessories cheap or duplicate cables, chargers, and android phone accessories online are available in the market also. But you need to be very careful while buying any accessory because it can affect the quality.





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