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  •  List all conditions and be up front about them.


  • Offer store credit instead of a cash refund.



Most of our competitors won't even publish a return policy, but if you've listened to the tips above and sell good quality products then you should promote your return policy everywhere you can: on your home page, on your shopping cart and checkout pages ,thank you page, and even in your newsletters and promotions. Remember, winning your shopper's trust can send your conversion rate through the roof.

  • Please ensure the product you want returned or exchanged is in unused condition, with tags intact and original packaging.


  • Our QC team will validated or invalidate your refund or exchange claim within 3-5 working days.


  • If your claim is validated, the product will be exchanged and shipped back to you, free or cost.


  • Alternatively, if you wish, we can also refund the original amount via cheque or online transfer.


  • Call our customer service at: 0315-8425527



  • Our customer support executives will guide you through the Refund & Exchange Process


How to Request a Return?

You can request to initiate a return by contacting our helpline at (0315-8425527) or [email protected] to confirm that your product is eligible for return. We will explain to you the return procedure, and either arrange for our courier partners to pick-up the product, or confirm the nearest service provider location where you can drop-off the product. 

Please be prepared to give the following pieces of information: 

  • Your order number.
  • The reason for the return.
  • The method of refund that you would like and the necessary information associated (bank account number, etc.)
  • Where and when the product should be picked-up

Note: For pick-ups, we will make 1 attempt to pick-up the product. Please make sure to be available for a scheduled pickup to make things easier for you.


Can I request a replacement rather than a refund? 
If you prefer to replace your product, just let our Customer Service executive know your choice and we will call you as soon as your initial product has been received, and we have looked into availability of the replacement product. If you choose a refund voucher, you can use it to buy a similar product or a different product on yourself using the amount originally paid for the returned item. 

If my returned product is not validated for return, how am I informed?
If your return does not meet the Quality Check criteria, then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item. 

Note: We will make 3 attempts to return the product to you. Please make sure to be available for a scheduled delivery.






Customer's Satisfaction is our Prime priority. Keeping customer's trust in mind, we devised our refund/replace policies very convenient and easy. Here are major points of our policy.


  • Although there is only check warranty in physical stores, provides 03 days Replacement guarantee on electronic items for our valued customers in case of any issues.


  • If the product is not working properly, we recommend you to please call/whatsapp/sms on our official no 0315-8425527 and register your complaint. Our Technical team will call you back, enquire about complaint, brief/guide about complete operational procedure. Most probably, it will start working because we send all products after testing.


  • In case, if the product is faulty, we request to please repack it in original box with all accessories, share its pictures on whatsapp with us. We will send brand new product to you free of cost, the rider deliver new product, and we will collect faulty product from you. You don't need to face any hassle while shopping from us. will bear all shipping costs.


  • If you don't like the product, and want to replace/ Exchange it with other one, NO PROBLEM. We will happily replace the product. All you need to do is notify us through call on 0315-8425527.. Send us Product on our given Address with its invoice, and Written Note of new Desired product. Our quality customer team will check the product and packaging. Then we will send you new product. In this case shipping cost is beard by customer.



Refund Type

Time Frame

Refund Voucher

24 hours

Bank Transfer

24 - 48 hours

Cheque Refund

24 – 72 hours

  • What is a Refund Voucher? 
    A Refund Voucher is a return mechanism of equal worth to the value paid for the item that you have returned.

    You can use a Refund Voucher at checkout to discount the amount of the voucher from your next purchase. This Refund Voucher can be used on multiple purchases (if the purchase value is less than the amount of the refund voucher) until your refund voucher balance amount is Rs. 0.
  • A refund voucher is valid for 30 days you need to use your voucher during this period, post which the voucher will expire and cannot be used.


  • How do I use my Refund Voucher? 
    If you have been issued a Refund Voucher, you will receive a discount voucher code via email.

    Please enter this code in the discount code box and click "Apply Code" during checkout at payment step. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount. 


  • If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed? 
    If your return is invalid then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item. Please make sure you are available at the corresponded time to accept the item at your doorstep. Failure to delivery will result in us holding your item.
  • I have bought an item on promotion or with a Discount Code. What amount will you refund me? 
    For items purchased on sale, if a refund is allowed on the sale item, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid for the item, and not its original value.

    For example: If you purchased an item on sale for Rs. 500 and its original value was Rs. 1000, we will refund you Rs. 500 only.