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Security Cameras

Security Cameras

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Top 10 Best Security Gadgets In Pakistan

Keeping the home and office safe is the uttermost priority. As a matter of fact, no one can be present at both places every time at every moment. Well, the technology advancement has made it possible to keep the check. There are high-tech security gadgets to keep your home safe and secure by keeping burglars away from your precious possessions. The advancement of technology has a greater impact on this industry that is the reason that security gadgets Pakistan is expanding with the time. Now we have a vast list of Security gadgets that help people of Pakistan to protect their home from any misfortune.

Life is unpredictable and no one wants to take a chance for the safety of their home. It takes years of hard to build up these possessions and the risk factor can ruin it all in a blink of the eye. So, you don’t need to look after for your earnings when you can use the reliable and cheap security Gadgets. Companies are doing their best to offer complete home safety with advanced and steadfast home security gadgets.

Security Gadgets are not only about the CCTV camera but it is more than that. You can go for different types of gadgets that reveal the information, alert you on the unrecognized movement and can even capture the picture of any unauthorized activity. This is the way technology is changing the lives of people. There is a vast variety of latest electronic gadgets that you can buy at a reasonable price and keep your home safe.

 new security gadgets

Types of Security Gadgets

Now, if you’ re looking for home security gadgets, you should also know about the different types of devices that can be used at home. Not all of the devices are suitable for your home, therefore, be careful while purchasing these electronics. You should know about the level of security that your house demand and also the types of Security gadgets are essential to know before paying for it.

1.       Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This high definition camera is useful to stay aware of your front door. Connect it with your phone, there are devices from the reputed companies that make these amazing cameras for front door safety. This video will tell you about any unauthorized or dangerous activity going around your home. So, would you like this intelligent camera in your home? If you’re looking for one, look up for the detail specifications and compatibility of the devices. Companies that sell at the best rates and don’t forget to check the reviews of the device.

2.       Saxby Security Light

This is lightly supported with sensors. It gives a glaring view and more clarity to sense something shady at your door. The best part is that you’re not limited with the security function but you can also look for the lost keys in the night. It may be not the highly technological device but it is still essential especially as Home security devices Pakistan.

3.       Cocoon- Smart Home security

This is the most intelligent device with no crucial setting required. It will sense the movement automatically, it can judge the routine by itself and avoid falls alarm. You won’t need to set it when leaving home because is already activated and highly intelligent sensors are aware of the shady activities.

4.       Dummy Camera

Well, troublemakers can be put into real trouble with these dummy cameras. It is made from a real camera and contains genuine camera body and lens. This is the idea for the ones looking for quite cheap gadgets for security camera.

5.       Barking Dog Alarm

The trend of keeping dogs for the guard is old but the construction of the house these days have made it hard to hear the barking of a dog. This situation makes it tough for people to recognize any activity by the burglars. So, this alarm will help you know when your dog might be trying to alert you for some unknown presence.

6.       Door Lock with Keyless Touchpad Security

Let’s move on to the little more technological gadget. This touchpad is keyless and one of the best security gadget to keep up with a safe house security plan. There are also further types of these locks but this one is the most personified. Samsung is making these locks and you can find them anywhere on the online stores of Pakistan too.

7.       Smart Home Security Camera

With this camera, you can monitor your home from anywhere. It allows you to connect with your phone and it comes with a night mode sensors. So, in the case of darkness, you can still watch your home. Some of it types also contain infrared motion sensors. However, it is one of the reliable security gadgets that you should be looking, in case you’re looking for the great options.

8.       Fake TV Light

This is a tricky one, the troublemakers will avoid getting into your house because, and it will give them a feel of your presence. The flash of light resembles as someone is watching TV but in fact, you are away enjoying your amazing holidays with family or friends.

9.       Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat

This may not be only a security gadget but introverts may like to have one. They tend to avoid people and this doormat can alert you if you’ve got a visitor. There are possibilities that you only have a cat as your visitor but it is helpful for the people in various conditions.

10.   Security Camera with presence detection

It can be used for monitoring the indoor movement. This is the ideal for parents to keep a check on their little kids. Sometimes, it is not [possible for you to be with them all the time but you can know about their activities. These cameras can let you know that who passes as they have built-in the face recognition system. You can imply it in the toddler room, monitor their nanny and by sitting anywhere else. Suitable for working parents that need to keep the check on the house for all the time.

11.   High-Definition Video Surveillance System

A surveillance system to monitor activities of outdoor. It records every activity indoor and outdoor. As we are talking about Pakistan, it is mostly used for office purposes. Usually, people don’t feel it suitable for houses yet. But if you’re someone of high-profile celebrity icon, you might need this.


12.   Linus Lock

Linus lock by Yale and Nest, this is the type of lock that works with the Nest systems. It outsmarts all of the security gadgets. You can set the security through your nest app when people are away and disarm the alarm when they arrive back. Controllable, easy to monitor and usage is user-friendly.

However, these are some of the kinds of home security products that we all need. You can’t just rely on the dog or the guard. So, technology is helping to make your home safer with these security gadgets. Pakistan is now enhancing its industry and moving on to the next levels of safety. These are all personal gadgets that require almost no system setting. They provide manuals and even customer support is always available to help you with the settings of security gadgets.

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