IWO H10 Ultra Review & Price in Pakistan – Reasons To Love This Apple Watch Ultra Clone

IWO H10 Ultra Review & Price in Pakistan – Reasons To Love This Apple Watch Ultra Clone

The IWO Series has been reportedly announced the new model of the Apple Watch Ultra clone under the name IWO H10 Ultra it’s greater, more brilliant, sturdier, longer lasting, and more competent than some other variant of the Apple Watch ultra till to date. What makes this new smartwatch better than different contenders is another improvement that incorporates hardware, software, and design, and the primary selling point is the 1.91-inch, 49mm Ultra Wide Screen with a flat design and 6 watch faces including to the new Apple Watch ultra and 2 backup dial, likewise has fitness and health features, with the calling feature, additionally Performing multiple tasks bar, and whenever quick Activity button on side, and there are some more. So, you will get the most recent innovation that you won’t find in some other smartwatch, within a budget plan at some minimal price is of something like Rs.9499/- online in Pakistan. So we should begin the review.

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IWO H10 Ultra Features

  • Making & Answer Calls via Bluetooth
  • 1.91-inch Touch Screen, Smart split screen
  • Rugged Design – Quick Action button
  • 7 Days Battery Life, Wireless Charging
  • 6 Watch Faces, 2 Menu Style
  • Multitasking Bar, Build-in Local Games
  • Always On Display with 2 Standby Dials
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wallet Function & Business Cards
  • Multifunction NFC, Voice Assistant
  • 173 Multi-Sport Modes
  • IP68 Waterproof

Design And Build Quality

IWO Watch Ultra smartwatch price & review is available Online in Pakistan in price range approx. Rs.8000/- to Rs.9500/- depending on different sellers and factors including market price, dollar rate, supplier prices etc.

My prompt idea when I previously saw the Watch Ultra clone was “This is the tough phone of smartwatches.” IWO H10 Ultra obviously shares a few elements and features with the Apple Watch ultra Series 8 Clone or even Series 7. It runs similar operating system and works with a similar blend of a crown and side button, and once you get over the design difference, it tends to be in fact simple to fail to remember that you’re wearing the Ultra. All things considered, the greatest and most significant improvement with the Ultra, as I would like to think, is the new Activity button on the left half of its case.

The H10 Ultra is the exact IWO Clone of the Apple Watch Ultra with another orange button on the left half of its case. It’s known as the “Action” button when you press it, opens the games modes. Aside from that, The Series 8 Clone and Ultra clone can look very comparable with regards to looks with the exception of slight differences, similar to the speaker grills rather than the holes on the crown and side button for the Performing various tasks bar.

Nonetheless, it brings a cutting edge and elegant design that makes you want to wear it as an accessory not also its functionalities, the new Apple-inspired design is fabulous it’s one of the most mind-blowing new smartwatch clones of Apple Watch Ultra. What’s more, as I referenced prior, the side button works for the Performing multiple tasks bar for recently opened applications, and it’s truly like the Apple Watch. So the shape is as expected a square with a 2.0-inch screen and level not 3D bended on the sides like different clones.

Regardless of being a budget smartwatch, IWO H10 Ultra feels solid yet agreeable, looks rich, and gives a superior energy which makes it among the best apple watch Ultra clones available. Thus, the form quality is high and should be visible through the body, which is thin and light and made of great Treated Steel with a matt completion, By and by, I like the matte case.

From under there is the sensor liable for all the wellbeing and sports highlights on the gadget and as another stuff overhaul, there is a Temperature Estimation sensor in the center, you will likewise see the shortfall of any charging pins, that is on the grounds that it’s remote. Lastly, on the sides, there are two lock buttons for the straps.

The strap is one of the significant things to finish the general look of the watch, that is the reason it is made of silicone, it’s lightweight and agreeable on your wrist for enduring use. Furthermore, in light of the fact that it’s removable you can utilize any 42/45mm belt and is accessible in the tones silver, dark, orange, And an extra decision you can purchase one more from metal or leather.

Display Screen

Now, we should continue on toward why I am in love with this smartwatch. The most prominent improvement of the most recent cloned smartwatches is the display, This is the thing makes the screen in IWO H10 Ultra Watch my #1 sort with a huge 1.91-inch IPS compliment show to more readily shield it from dings and scratches, Yet it isn’t awesome or biggest screen in that frame of mind, as the DT8 Ultra or ZD8 Ultra offers an enormous 2.0-inch screen and all the more brilliant varieties. Besides, the pictures showed on the screen are clear because of the great goal of 320*386 pixels and a high pixel thickness of 320 PPI. What’s more, with a very restricted bezel, the presentation region is expanded by around 25%.

While utilizing the IWO H10 Ultra smartwatch, will furnish you with the best experience you might conceivably get on financial plan gadgets, extraordinary thanks to the variety exactness and sharpness, the picture is clear and rich, and, surprisingly, under direct daylight, I found it more fragile than the HW8 Ultra in splendor. you’ll have the option to utilize your smartwatch easily whether you need to understand notices or check your wellbeing details, you won’t have to get your telephone out of your pocket. Most certainly, it’s the best screen in a spending plan smartwatch with regards to measure and goal. The screen likewise gives a Reserve Dials highlight.

What’s more, as I generally say, the explanation makes this kind of screen is my most loved is that enormous and takes over the greater part of the connection point, and with slender sides, and this is just found in smartwatches with greater expenses, It’s the nearest to an Apple Watch Ultra.

Numerous Watch Faces

IWO Series has put forth a coordinated attempt to tailor the plenty of watch faces remembered for the H10 Ultra that is the reason brings you 6 distinct pre-introduced watch faces to browse, you can switch between them effectively in numerous ways, by turning the button or by means of the QiFit application for more watch faces with north of 500 web-based watch faces are accessible for download and it’s incorporated various varieties, retro, simple, 3D, and computerized watch faces, or you might utilize your own photographs as a watch face foundation or any backdrop and have the chance of customization. All the more significantly, it incorporates the most recent and selective watch faces for Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra. So indeed, you won’t miss the good times.

Presently IWO Ultra has added another component called watch face lock, so you can lock the watch face you like in the settings. And afterward the watch face will not be changed assuming you pivot the computerized crown.


All in all, it’s a truly gorgeous watch and doesn’t feel excessively prominent, because of its smooth profile. Having IP68 Waterproof which it means can deal with sweat and sprinkles of water, albeit the watch isn’t endorsed for swimming yet is great for wearing for exercises, in this way, I don’t prescribe swimming or presenting it to boiling water or saltwater to keep away from any damage Long or present moment and with the presence of a speaker and a mouthpiece, keeping away from it will be great, notwithstanding, in the event that it’s presented to water in any capacity, I like to dry the watch subsequent to drenching it in water and prior to working it so it stays with you as far as might be feasible.

Back side of Watch

While everything appears to be identical to the unaided eye, the IWO H10 Ultra has a few massive changes in the engine. it accompanies an inherent RTL8762DT chip for quicker reaction speed and quicker information handling and is matched with 128MB of stockpiling for putting away contacts, watch faces, warnings, and the sky is the limit from there. The sensor on this gadget is Pulse and G-sensor, it is truly outstanding in this market and is known for giving great outcomes and will assist you with caring more for your wellbeing and urge you to sort out more.

This watch has the most recent Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 chip and supports calls Thus, You won’t deal with any issues in contact since it’s the quickest and generally steady. Furthermore, this adaptation is viable with Android 5.0 and later or iOS 10.0 or more so the association is through the Qifit application. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have its own GPS sensor, and that implies that you will constantly need to utilize it with a cell phone to get your area.

AI Voice Assistances 

Al voice colleague calculation in Ultra Watch permits you to provide voice orders to play out some particular undertaking or to ask your questions. Also, the smartwatch accompanies a coordinated speaker which assists you with collaborating with your computer based intelligence associate in two-manner voice correspondence, which is advantageous and fast.

NFC Access Control

NFC Access Control takes into consideration keyless and frictionless entryway section involving a smartwatch gadget for confirmation. In this way, While arriving at home, the watch is your entrance control, Raise your wrist to rapidly open the entryway. The NFC of this watch just backings IC entryway cards with a recurrence of 13.56MNZ (pertinent to 80% of the market), and installment for Alipay and WeChat Pay. doesn’t uphold charge cards or another installment mode.

How Would You Operate The IWO H10 Ultra

The producers ensured the utilization of this smartwatch is easy, with an exceptionally clear stage, and a responsive extremely brilliant screen, it is just extremely helpful, first, when inside swipe down from the top the entrance a Control Place that shows the network status, permits you to change splendor, Bluetooth Call, Menu Style, Lock Screen, Don’t Upset, and Sound Mode.

By swiping from the left, A split window will show up as an afterthought with the time and date, Caution, Climate, and the last open applications.

While swiping from the right, you will find alternate routes for Steps, Telephone, Music, Pulse checking, and Climate, and you can add different parts.

The principal menu can be gotten to by tapping the crown button, you will find pulse and rest checking, sports modes, settings, and different elements that incorporate catching photographs from the watch and music, climate, application store, voice aide, menu styles, telephone, and that’s just the beginning.

The menu comes in 2 styles to look over, very much like in the Apple watch series 8 we find: Striped six-square lattice, network style, every one permits you to explore the menu in an alternate design however every one of them appear to turn out great. To change the menu style, you just need to double tap the looking over wheel.

Heath & Fitness Features

The IWO H10 Ultra is an extraordinary sidekick on the off chance that you’re searching for a wellness smartwatch is furnished with a fairly solid sensor to assist you with checking your body and monitor the games you are rehearsing in sports mode which you can get to just by choosing the games modes from the applications menu, the games accessible are indoor and open air sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, football, yoga, mountaineering, and in excess of 170 mode sport.

Aside from the games highlights, To gauge your ring progress over the course of the day, the H10 Ultra records a huge swath of wellbeing measurements. It tracks your means, distance, resting, dynamic energy, and day in and day out pulse to check whether it’s beating ordinarily. There’s likewise a SpO2 sensor for manual and blood-oxygen level following in the blood progressively to work on the capacity of the cardiovascular framework to forestall the low degree of oxygen in the blood that makes uneasiness an individual’s body and rest following to gauge the nature of your sleep around evening time and wake time to give you an examination of your rest designs.

In spite of the fact that it has a sensor that is more exact than different sensors, this doesn’t imply that the estimations given by this smartwatch are totally precise, as the vast majority of them are to a great extent problematic in light of the fact that it’s anything but a clinical instrument, however it makes you exceptionally mindful of your wellbeing and actual execution. sadly, this is many times the situation with watches in this cost range.

Instructions to Pair The IWO H10 Ultra

For you to partake in the many advantages of your IWO H10 Ultra, you would need to associate it to a help application. The suggested application is the QiFit application which has heaps of valuable elements to keep you fit and solid, and it’s viable with Android and iOS, so you would have to download it on your cell phone. It is accessible on Google Play and Application Store for both Android and iOS clients.

For matching, it’s not difficult to interface the IWO H10 Ultra clone to your telephone. Subsequent to introducing the QiFit application and arrangement, all you need to do:

Stage 1: The main thing to do is to go to your telephone’s settings. Then, at that point, turn on your telephone’s Bluetooth association, and add the gadget. Two choices add a gadget, search, or output a QR code.

Stage 2: Next, you would have to Pursue a QiFit account. Or then again, Sign in to your current record (on the off chance that you as of now have a record).

Stage 3: Permit all notice information. A notice connection point will spring up mentioning your consent to permit QiFit admittance to specific capabilities on your cell phone. (Keeping any from getting these consent solicitations could keep QiFit from working appropriately).

In the wake of downloading, send off the application and set consents. Then, add your Smartwatch gadget and interface it to the application. In conclusion, set your Personalization Choices and settings. At the point when this is finished, it will convey straightforwardly and with next to no complexities, with programmed setting of time and language, climate, notwithstanding a call component, and update the smartwatch programming if accessible.

QiFit Application For IWO Ultra

The IWO H10 Ultra smartwatch works working together with the QiFit application which grows the things you can do with the smartwatch by adding a ton of elements, first, the application has a wellbeing menu where it shows every one of the information gathered by the smartwatch, for example, the means strolled today, your day to day objective, the quantity of calories consumed and the distance voyaged, you can tap on the mark to extend it to show you more data on more extensive time spans, for example, the week after week and the month to month, right under we find the rest checking name, we click on it to grow and it will show us light and profound rest data, complete rest and conscious time and the gathered information from a week or a month, all showed in a pleasant chart. It likewise has the pulse, circulatory strain, and blood oxygen levels, every one has its own special name to click and extend then you can either begin estimating or actually look at the recently gathered information.

Then, we have the wellbeing menu which utilizes GPS to find the gadget and measure the distance crossed whether you are running, strolling, cycling, or climbing, then show them in a decent configuration with all the data, for example, calories consumed, the speed, the typical speed, the rhythm, step and the quantity of advances.

The application I found wonderful through the elements and settings prepared which incorporate watch faces, wallet, business card, notices, wellbeing updates, NFC, and more settings like adding most loved contact records.

Bluetooth Calling Feature On H10 Ultra

The main element of the IWO H10 Ultra Smartwatch is that it’s outfitted with a coordinated mouthpiece and a speaker, with the previous presenting shockingly clear sound that can be heard over broad clamor, (for example, outside sound), making it usable, Concerning the receiver, it’s basically utilized for on-wrist calls or on the other hand, assuming that you’re matched to a cell phone. So it shows an approaching call as well as get and dial calls made by means of Bluetooth straightforwardly from the watch with great sound from the speakers and a mic, and obviously, this is finished with your cell phone, So you don’t need to take out the telephone of your pocket each time you need to make or answer a basic call.

This smartwatch allows you to save significant and often called contacts so you don’t need to dig through a broad contact rundown to settle on a decision, particularly when you’re in a hurry. likewise includes a dial cushion that empowers you to settle on decisions rapidly and helpfully.

To empower Bluetooth Calling Capability on this smartwatch, you really want to initially associate it to the viable application. Once associated, you really want to physically go to the telephone’s Bluetooth settings and match this smartwatch (Bluetooth Name: H10 Ultra BT). After matching, you will get a notice: Associated for calls and sound.


Notifications are plainly apparent and effectively coherent. What’s more, you won’t pass up significant messages or notices with the IWO H10 Ultra smartwatch on your wrist. It adjusts with your cell phone to show approaching calls, messages, virtual entertainment warnings (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), and different applications, empowering you to remain associated in any event, when you’re progressing.

IWO H10 Ultra Battery Duration and Charging Time

At last, The battery in smartwatches is no less significant than the other capabilities, And this is the very thing it offers IWO H10 Ultra with a limit of 260mAh which is viewed as one of the biggest here, Battery duration is brilliant, by spending plan smartwatches guidelines. for as long as 4 days in common use to 3 days in weighty utilization. everything relies on the number of highlights you that utilization, and it should be accused of a remote charger, this is an extraordinary element, You should simply, ensure that you put the watch accurately on the charger and it requires around two hours for full charging.

As an additional benefit, the activity while charging the watch was exceptionally cool and energetic and it would switch among level and vertical screens. Thus, Subsequent to turning on the “bedside clock mode”, just put it on its side and interface the power supply, the watch will consequently enter the bedside clock mode, the client can involve it as a bedside light, in “bedside clock mode” The screen will change to a flat screen.


IWO H10 Ultra surely satisfies its moniker, and will without a doubt be difficult to prohibit from our rundown of the best financial plan smartwatches. it’s another clone of the Apple Watch Ultra to make it stand apart from the remainder of the smartwatches on the lookout and to part from the typical and may be a definitive smartwatch. Yet, The Series 8 Clone and Ultra clone can look very comparative, despite the fact that they work in basically the same manner with the exception of the orange side button and level screen.

For the present, there isn’t anything better than the H10 Ultra to give you an encounter that is nearer to the Apple Watch Ultra concerning screen and was more than extraordinary to break out of the natural environment of the other adaptations like Performing various tasks bar, new 2 reserve dials. Indeed, even the other highlights were more than agreeable, and this incorporates the general presentation and smooth route of the framework as well as the battery which was great. In this way, it is one of the most reliable clone watches that we have seen.

IWO H10 Ultra Price And Where To Purchase

The IWO H10 Ultra Smartwatch is as of now accessible on the Telectronics Store at an excellent price in Just Rs.9499/- online in Pakistan. Along these lines, don’t pass up this incredible arrangement. What’s more, to see its cost or get it, you can get to the proposal by tapping on the store symbol.

What’s in the Box?

  • IWO H10 Ultra Smartwatch
  • Strap
  • Wireless Charger
  • User Manual

H10 Ultra Specifications

ModelIWO H10 Ultra
ColorGold(Only one color, but close to Silver)
Chip RTL8762DT
MemoryRAM: 128MB
Bluetooth VersionBT3.0/BT4.0 support calls
Compatible OSAndroid 5.0, iOS 10.0 or above
Operating ModeFull Touch + Rotate Crown + Side Button
APP NameQifit
App LanguageChinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Ukrainian, Thai
Watch LanguageEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Persian
Sport ModesSupport
WaterproofIP68 Waterproof
ScreenSize: 1.91 inches
Display Type: IPS screen 2.5D Curved 
Resolution: 320*386 Pixels
BatteryBattery Capacity: 260mAh
Standby Time: Up to 30 days
Using time: About 3-4 days
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Charging Type: Wireless Charger
Case and BandThe shape of the dial: Square Shaped
Band Size: 42/45mm  ( Removable watch strap)
Band Material: Silicone
Case Material: Zinc Alloy+IML
Weight: about 50g
Size: 45*38*13mm
Other FeaturesBreathing training, Stopwatch, Brightness adjustment, Remote music control, Remote camera control, Real-time weather, Find phone (connected to a mobile phone to use), Password protection, Calculator, Widgets, Lady assistant, GPS movement tracking, Voice assistant, Alarm clock, Flashlight, Smart mode and Watch mode switching, Alipay, Binding with a single click, Blast resistant glass, Multitasking bar, measurement, 2 standby dials

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