Lenovo XG01 Gaming Earbuds Review – Budget Gaming Earbuds With 50ms Low Latency

There is no question that Lenovo is one of the most outstanding brands of reasonable in-ear earphones that offers value for money, with its items focused on all preferences, including gamers. What’s more, for this, sent off another series under the name Lenovo XG01 with LED Lighting Impact, better specifications, and functions, and generally critically it’s for a minimal expense.

It’s furnished with noise cancellation feature to settle on clear decisions with no interference with a 12mm Huge Driver for Excellent Sound with the assistance of Bluetooth 5.0 Chip for 50ms Low latency and supports AAC and SBC sound unraveling, the remote headphone gives you a 24h battery duration, And in particular, has IPX5 waterproof, it appears to be that they offer everything. However, that is on paper, so it very well may be different in actuality? So today we are here to figure out the response.

Lenovo XG01 Features

  • Gaming Design With LED Lighting
  • Bluetooth Chipset V5.0
  • 12mm Large Drivers For HI-FI Sound
  • AAC and SBC audio decoding
  • 50ms Ultra-Low Latency
  • 24h long playtime
  • IPX5 Waterproof

Design And Build Quality

Charging Case

By and large, I find the plan of the Lenovo XG01 gaming earphones to be cool, it doesn’t look very gaming, and it doesn’t have insane lighting, Concerning the charging case, it includes a remarkable plan, is exceptionally reduced, little, and lightweight just 55g, made of plastic in dark, It looks extremely cool, doesn’t it?.

There is likewise a long space in the focal point of the front to open the case, which is encircled by an implicit magnet for simple opening and shutting with one hand. Once opened, there is a spot for the tiny headphones with a programmed charging start. What’s more, under a cut, there is a blue Driven line for battery condition with the Lenovo logo on the front.

The lower part of the charging case is level for simple solidness, Likewise has a USB Type-C charging port on the underside, which would have been exceptional in the event that it had been set somewhere else, particularly on non-remote charging cases.

Lenovo XG01 headphones

Taking a gander at the plan, The vibe of the Lenovo XG01 Remote Earphone is phenomenal and these are very much made with a minimized ‘in-ear’. What’s more, they truly sit serenely inside your ears and before the buds, you can see the decent looking blue Drove. The external part with a touch board is a white matte tone, and in particular, the lightweight body is simply around 4g to be agreeable on the ear while moving with the assistance of the delicate elastic ear groups made of silicone with round pressure help openings inside the headphone, which can adjust the interior and outside gaseous tension and ventilation.

Moreover, “L” and “R” logos are printed at the highest point of the earphone grasp to recognize the left and right ears. Other than the touch control, where there is an attractive charging contact and receiver pickup opening with great and clear sound gathering during a call with the assistance of the sound decrease opening outwardly of the headphone, which helps out the mouthpiece to recognize human voice and commotion precisely.

Lenovo says the Lenovo XG01 is IPX5 evaluated which means sweat and some light downpour will not affect the headphones yet don’t wear them while showering or swimming and don’t involve it in a sauna or steam room. The charging case isn’t waterproof, because of everyday use, the viability of the headphones’ waterproofing might decrease over the long run.

Touch Control

To control the Lenovo XG01, there is a high-accuracy contact control board on the highest point of the headphone which can accomplish exact control with great responsive touch responsiveness. With contact control, you can settle on decisions, change music, reject calls, and that’s just the beginning.

The most effective method to Connect Lenovo XG01

Lenovo XG01 offers solid similarity with the two IOS and Android gadgets and embraces Bluetooth 5.0 innovation for steady and strong transmission, lower deferral, and smoother association for high sound quality, and supports the most famous sound unraveling for SBC and AAC. what’s more, you can appreciate music up to 10m long even with meager walls among you and your gadget.

The matching is something similar with any remote headphones, you should simply open the charging case and take out the headphones, and the headphone will naturally turn on and enter the matching state. Following that, open the Bluetooth connection point of the cell phone, and the gadget name “Lenovo XG01” will be naturally perceived, click it, and the matching is finished effectively. The matching is done physically once, after that it is programmed and quick gave Bluetooth is empowered, simply eliminate it from the crate and use it.

Lenovo XG01 – Sound Quality

The Lenovo XG01 Mini headphones make a magnificent sound system difference, as it contains obvious tones, and the sound is overwhelmed by an accentuation on low frequencies. Strong drums and voluminous punchy bass make them ideal for present day styles and dance music, as well as regions where thumps and drums assume a significant part, because of the 12mm Powerful Driver units, with the goal that unique sound conveys smooth, normal sound of pop, rock, and other solid rhythms. The armature driver conveys strong, more exact bass to give more detail and succeeds in relieving sorts like acoustic and traditional.

Call Quality

Notwithstanding the sound on the Lenovo XG01 voice dialing performed well. It sounded better and was better than expected in light of the fact that the headphones were under $50, so call quality is brilliant and that is on the grounds that it’s furnished with sound decrease innovation, it should take out foundation clamor and get your voice plainly without getting every one of the sounds encompassing you from reverberation or other obstruction, and your voice on the opposite end can be heard accurately, even in jam-packed places.


Then, The Lenovo XG01 is likewise furnished with a 50ms low inactivity mode, which can be set off by tapping multiple times on the right headphone. You can watch recordings or play web based games on both iPhone and Android immediately, even in YouTube or Netflix applications. Sadly, there is a slight sound deferral of around 0.5 seconds while messing around, which is practically ordinary, and you can find it on most remote earphones in this cost range.

Lenovo XG01 Battery And Charging Time

As far as battery, the Lenovo XG01 accusing case is prepared of an inherent 400mAh Li-Polymer battery, and it gives the client 5 extra long periods of continuous playback when the miniature headphones are completely energized, and the battery duration can stretch close to 24 hours with the charging case and can re-energize the buds multiple times prior to requiring new power itself, which is perfect, its better than expected independence in the event that we contrast it and different earphones.

At the point when you put the headphone into the charging case, the headphone will naturally go into the charging state. The capacity box itself can be re-energized for 2 hours. The case is re-energized by means of Type-C on the rear of the case.

Last Decision

Genuinely for very little cash, the Lenovo XG01 are nice gaming headphones with great sound and great execution. On account of Lenovo, they make it truly simple to suggest these earphones since they give you all that you really want in any remote earphones, every one of their bases are covered Great gaming execution, great battery duration, great mouthpiece, and great sound quality. then, at that point, XG01 is an extremely commendable choice for financial plan gaming headphones.

Lenovo XG01 Price And Where To Purchase

The Lenovo XG01 Headphones are right now accessible on the Telectronics Store at an excellent price in Just Rs.4999/- online in Pakistan. Thus, don’t pass up this incredible arrangement. Furthermore, to see its cost or get it, you can get to the proposal by tapping on the store symbol.

What’s in the Box?

  • Lenovo XG01 Bluetooth Earphones
  • Charging Box
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Manual

Lenovo XG01 Specifications

  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Standby time: 120 hours
  • Drive unit stereo: 12MM
  • Music time: about 4 hours
  • Headphone Battery capacity: 40mAh
  • Charger case Battery capacity: 400mA
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Grey, pink, white

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